Millefoglie alla crema

Millefoglie alla crema


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With their crispness and delicate flavour, the MILLEFOGLIE D’ITALIA puff pastries are the symbol of Vicenzi’s fine Italian pastry tradition, with every bite radiating the harmony of flavours that only the great masterpieces of Italian confectionery tradition are able to offer. The careful selection of raw materials, by paying particular attention to traditional practices, is noticeable from the very first glimpse. In order to make the thin layers forming the dough fragrancy, the essential ingredient used by Matilde Vicenzi is a veil of butter applied among the folds of the pastry dough. The traditional recipe requires that the dough is gently folded back on itself many times obtaining a delicious and fragrant pastry composed of well 192 layers. This is only possible through a slow process: here is the secret of MILLEFOGLIE D’ITALIA. Crispy delights at first bite, enveloping the entire palate – the highest form of expression of Italian pastry. The vast experience, the leadership of Matilde Vicenzi in the complex and special preparation of the dough have led to the creation of a wide range of products for the MILLEFOGLIE D’ITALIA’s line: the inimitable classic pastry puffs, the Glazed, with delicious apricot layer appealing the eyes and the palate, the glazed Ciambelline (rings) with butter, filled Morsels and the Minisnacks, where the crispness perfectly goes with the inviting creamy core for a touch of extra sweetness. Using homemade butter in this recipe allows achieving high levels of quality. The use of this fine ingredient, however, requires more attention: extremely delicate, butter does not do well when exposed to the light and here it is revealed another secret, responsible for the goodness of MILLEFOGLIE D’ITALIA: the special golden wrapper. A metallic, protective material that preserves this delicate and high quality pastry from the light, so seemingly simple but extremely valuable.

Classiche puff pastry sticks with butter 125 g

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